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Nursing Facilities (NF) are places which meet federal Medicaid and Medicare nursing care requirements. Generally, this means availability of a skilled nurse 24 hours a day and the supervision of every patient by a physician.
Private Pay Beds are ones which are available for anyone who can pay the cost themselves.
Medicare Rehab Beds are beds which are available on a short term basis to those on Medicare who are undergoing rehabilitation.
Medicaid Beds are beds which are available to those who are on Medicaid. OSS Beds are beds which are available to those who are in the OSS program.

Assisted Living Facilities (AL) are places which provide services such as housekeeping and prepared meals, but only provide limited nursing care.
OSS stands for Optional State Supplementation and helps pay for the cost at the facility which Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not fully pay for.
OSCAP stands for Optional Supplemental Care for Assisted Living Program and provides more funding to the facility taking care of higher need OSS patients.
CLTC Waiver specifies the facility is eligible to take CLTC waiver patients.

Extra Information
Total Number of Beds is the total of all beds in a facility, including those in use.
Secure Alzheimer's Units are nursing facilities which have protocols and measures in place to help keep people from accidentally wandering away.
Complex Care Units are nursing facilities which have been approved to be in the Complex Care program, which is designed to move patients with complex health issues from hospitals to nursing facilities.

Continuum of Care
In the search results, if a facility has [Continuum of Care] after their name, the facility is attached to another facility which provides a different level of care. Basically, it is part of an Assisted Living and Nursing Facility pair.

Other Useful Definitions
Residential Personal Assistance (RPA) - a service to restore, maintain, and promote the health status of participants who choose to transition from their homes into the residential facilities or for individuals who wish to remain in the community residential care facilities and meet the intermediate nursing home level of care.

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